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Glowing Beauty

Blending Egg Beauty Sponge

Blending Egg Beauty Sponge

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Product Information:
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1. Style: 3-Pack | Mixed Color Suit I
2. Style: 33 Pieces | Mixed Color Suit II
3. Style: 33 Pieces | Skin Tone
4. Style: 33 Pieces | Pink
5. Style: 33 Pieces | Wine Red
6. Style: 3-Pack, 6pcs | Mixed Color Set I + Package II (includes puff cleaner)
7. Style: 3-Pack | Mixed Color Set I (includes puff cleaner)
8. Style: 33pcs | Mixed Color Set II (includes puff cleaner)
9. Style: Eyebrow Trimming, 10-Piece Set
Beauty Tool Category: Makeup Powder Puff
Suitable for Skin Type: All Skin Types
Variety of Beauty Tools: Makeup Sponges
Beauty Tool Category: Facial Beauty Cosmetics

Package Contents:
Sponge *1 set

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