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Ice Cream Lip Gloss

Ice Cream Lip Gloss

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NOVO's 6 Colors Super Ice Cream Lip Gloss offers a waterproof, long-lasting makeup experience with its liquid lipstick that ensures a sweet red lip tint. Available in a single piece, each containing 4.5ML, this product promises ease of wear without sticking to the cup, while also providing moisture and nourishment to your lips. Ideal for both casual and party makeup settings.

Product Description:
- The Super Ice Cream Lip Gloss allows you to eat or drink without the need for touch-ups, boasting an impressive durability of at least 8 hours.
- Formulated to be healthy for the human body, it contains no additives.

Apply directly with the brush starting from the middle of your lips and spread evenly. For a matte and velvet appearance, gently blot with a tissue.

The actual color may vary slightly from the images due to lighting effects and individual lip color variations.

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